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You have just taken the first step to realizing your dreams of calling Canada your home. Our Immigration Company, as our name implies, specializes in providing representation for those who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently, or who want to obtain temporary visas to visit, study, or work in Canada. This includes family sponsorships for those who are already in Canada seeking to be re-united with their loved ones. We also provide services relating to immigration appeals, hearings, criminal rehabilitations and pardons.

Excel immigration is one of the most prestigious and reliable immigration consulting firms, we have an experience and well organized team of professionals, therefore you can count on high level of expertise in immigration matters, helping you achieve your immigration goals.

In Excel Immigrations we have worked different areas in immigration including permanent residence, temporary workers, skilled workers, family sponsorships, Investors applications, Provincial nominee program and other cases with successful results. Our team of Immigration Consultants is not only experienced and qualified to handle your immigration matters, but also has an outstanding reputation and certified in immigration, which is a very important factor that separates a true certified immigration consultants from the others.

Experience a better way of managing your Canadian immigration application. Our Immigration Consultants are dedicated to providing you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to submit and manage your Canadian immigration application yourself.

The submission of a clear, complete, and accurate immigration application is the key to the quickest possible processing and successful conclusion of your case. Proper management of your case throughout the process will ensure that your immigration application stays on track. Finally, access to current and useful information will give you insight into your case's progress and will give you the ability to best handle the process of Canada immigration. This web site makes it easy for you to do it all for yourself with the following Canada immigration tools:


At Excel Immigration Services, our mission is to provide our Clients with a high level of quality service in the field of Canadian immigration. In carrying out our business, Excel immigration Services is committed to:

  • Maintain our Clients as our first priority.
  • Achieve the highest level of professional excellence in serving our Clients.
  • Provide prompt and responsive immigration service.
  • Exceed Client's expectations by providing the highest quality Canadian immigration service in the industry.
  • Adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in our business.
  • Maintain long-term Client relationships by providing honest superior service.
  • Lead our industry with Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork, and Innovation.
  • Strive to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings.